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At LIV Sotheby’s International Realty, our people make the difference! Learn more about our sales associate, Jeffrey Belzer, in his personal Q&A.

Jeffrey Belzer, Realtor® and local expert at LIV Sotheby’s International Realty

How long have you been in the real estate industry for?

I have been in the industry nearly 10 years.


What initially drew you to the real estate industry?

What drew me to real estate initially was real estate investment, with respect to flipping houses, remodeling, rehabbing, buying property low and driving appreciation. I knew in any market there were highs and lows, and at any time there was a deal to be had and to be made. The reason I got into doing residential is because I learned through my real estate investing courses how to get great deals. And I see people every day struggling with the idea of home ownership, and I love to show them ways they can make it happen. And now being more experienced in real estate, I learned it’s not really about the houses, but it’s more about the aims and aspirations of the individuals involved and finding a way to get there.


Personally, what drives you in this industry?

What drives me in my career to be successful is my family. My daughter Isla, and my wife Laura. Together, they are my “why”. They are the reasons why I enjoy helping families find their first home or trade up. They are the reasons why I enjoy helping retirees downsize in a dual market. They are the reasons why I help people who have no one left and be there as that family member to help them through the next stage in their life.


What has been your biggest accomplishment in your career?

Getting into real estate to do investing has its pluses and minuses. When my wife and I got the chance to do a full remodel on a property and improve not just the quality of the home, but the level of the curb appeal in a neighborhood, we took it. With my project management and her design eye, we hit a home run. In this single transaction, the sellers had received an all-cash offer, a homeless person got a free trailer to live in, and the buyers got one of the most tastefully remodeled homes that mixed modern style while keeping the integrity of the original 1920s Spanish style. This one was the most meaningful projects because we got to do it together as husband and wife.


What is a trend that you are keeping your eye on right now in the industry?

Country club and resort-style living, places in homes that offer more than just a house or a home, but a lifestyle to go with it. Whether that’s beach homes in the marina with a dock or a golf community that you could cart right out onto the fairway.


What makes LIV Sotheby’s International Realty unique?

What absolutely makes LIV Sotheby’s International Realty unique is the commitment the company brings to reinvesting in the network and the networking of all the agents and the brokers involved. The training is top-notch and the level of hospitality that they show us as associates speaks volumes above other companies. They want us to succeed and they make sure we’re the most highly qualified, the most highly trained, competent Realtors® in the marketplace.


What are you passionate about?

My passion is surfing and it’s not just going out in the water and catching waves, but it’s more about how the activity of surfing and being out in the ocean and being in that environment can tie a person into a community. I had been a lifeguard for 20 years, I had participated in the Junior Guardprogram and taught it as well.

When Jeff isn’t meeting with clients or expertly negotiating, he can be found in his element – with a board in the water. Photo credit: Dave Puu

I owned two surf schools for a period of about 10 years, and I still continue to coach high school and middle school surf teams. One of my favorite programs to do in the ocean is called A Walk on Water. This program’s sole purpose is surf therapy, where the instructors take children with special needs and disabilities for a day in the waves to play, meet, and connect with other people to have an experience like no other. At the end of one of these days, I feel both exhausted and completely fulfilled.


What are your hobbies/interests outside of the office?

Aside from surfing, I enjoy going to Los Angeles Lakers games or the Dodgers with colleagues and friends. I enjoy music, both local and mainstream, and love to do anything with my daughter and wife, whether it’s a play date with a few of her friends or going to Disneyland together.


What community do you live in? What do you like about it?

I live on the west end of Ventura and what I love about it is its historic presence, diversity and room for growth. This neighborhood had been undervalued and overlooked for such a long time, that as it enters the spotlight, people are blown away by the value they get for both proximity and charm in a Southern California community.


What’s your favorite part about living and working in California?

That’s my favorite question because I literally live and work in the coolest place in California. It is the quintessential beach town where one could walk the promenade of Surfer’s Point or surf the legendary surf break, gaze at the pier, and be just steps from the Mission in downtown. There are those who know and few that need convincing that Ventura is just the place to be!


For all your real estate needs, you can contact Jeff at 805.312.0713 or


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